Aunt Bessie roast dinner review (Iceland 2023)

Aunt Bessie roast dinner review (Iceland 2023)

So, before I set off on this blog post I would like to say even though I work at a retail store to which I am not naming any names I will also put my honest opinion about food items for this blog.

So a couple of weeks ago I tried the number Aunt Bessie meal deal from Iceland Foods for £12 (so you choose 1 joint than 3 sides/desserts). In the advert, it says the meal is for 4 but as with everything it depends on how much serving you want per person or like me a lot.

Iceland Aunt Bessie Meal Deal

First of all, you choose joints these range from chicken crowns to salt and pepper pork crackling joints.

Aunt Bessie Joints

Then you choose 3 sides to go with your meal these range from classic roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings or dessert.

Aunt Bessie Sides

I chose the following as my meal deal chicken crown (£8.00), roast potatoes (£2.00), cauliflower cheese (£2.65) and Yorkshire puddings (£2.00). Above I have put the individual prices for comparison without the meal deal price it would have cost a total of £14.65 so a saving of £2.65 which is quite good. I believe this is a good meal deal price when you think the joint alone cost £8.00 but as a meal consists of more items you probably could get away with just getting a £1 bag of frozen veg to go with it so not breaking the bank.

Aunt Bessie Bacon-Topped Chicken Crown

Aunt Bessie Chicken Crown

It cooks from frozen in the oven as per the instructions on the packet it was nice and tasty full of flavours a solid 9/10.

Aunt Bessie Crispy Roast Potatoes

As I had the oven on for other parts of this dinner, I decided to cook these in the oven but they can also be cooked in an air fryer. They cooked precisely to the time on the pack but of course, as I liked my roast crispy I decided to leave them in for a little longer so I gave these an 8/10.

Aunt Bessie Cauliflower Cheese

You can cook these either in the microwave for more inconvenience or as I did in the oven as I was cooking other parts of this dinner in there and I prefer it compared to the microwave so I give these a 7/10.

Aunt Bessie (Iceland) meal deal final dinner

So overall it was a good mid-week roast dinner topped with a frozen bag of mixed vegetables, cabbage and chicken gravy added later than shown in the picture. So for the convenience of the roast dinner I give it a solid 8/10 I would off given more but the only letdown with this meal with the servings of 4 people was a bit short but again this might just be me liking my food sizes.

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