Mince, onion and Gravy (13th February 2023)

Mince, onion and Gravy (13th February 2023)

So probably a simple dinner to make and one that warms you up on a cold evening today (13th February 2023) I decided to have mince, onion, and gravy with homemade mash potato and frozen mixed vegetables/fresh cabbage.

This is dinner I remember having when I was younger, probably a favourite and a cheap quick easy dinner to make see this page for the recipe if you want to make it for yourselves. As I provide the recipe I am not going to go into detail about the cooking instructions in this blog post.

Already to cook on the hob

So I peeled some potatoes (I didn’t use any special ones just the basic ones) and cut a cabbage enough for two adults and one 5-year-old (although he decided not to want any). The frozen vegetable was purchased from Iceland Carrots, Broccoli and Peas Mix. Then I cut two small onions up to put in the mince mix.

Mince onion and gravy cooked

I cooked the mince before the veg and potatoes as I like to leave it to simmer in the gravy for added taste. So the end result was amazing a cheap and cheerful dinner that doesn’t take long to make, stay tuned for more updates tomorrow.

Christopher Dally

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