Cooked Breakfast (12th February 2023)

Cooked Breakfast (12th February 2023)

So usually on a Sunday, most people want to cook a cooked dinner but as most Sundays, I work due to me working in the retail environment I always try to find something easier to cook something else instead. So today 12th February 2023 I decided to cook a full English breakfast for lunch.

This is probably easier to cook as most of the items can be cooked in the air fryer or oven in my case apart from a few items I had to fry or heat up on the hob.

So, this is the total items I cooked for a family of two adults and one five-year-old;

  • Hash browns
  • Smoked bacon (the reason I used smoked bacon was because I had some left in my freezer from work another time)
  • Scrambled eggs (6 eggs in total)
  • Lidl Pork Sausages
  • Whole tomatoes
  • Toast using Warburton’s Danish white bread
  • Baked beans

So, as I mentioned I put the sausages and hash brown together in the oven probably a little bit crispy for some people but that’s the way I like them. I fried the whole tomatoes in a frying pan and warmed up the beans in a pan on the hob. As I like my bacon crispy, I decided to cook them in the air fryer; they don’t take so long to cook in there either.

For the scrambled eggs, I mixed 6 eggs with a bit of milk and then poured this into a warm pan, ensuring I kept mixing it until it was done. The toast was easy as it was done in a toaster, of course, so I hope you enjoy reading what I had for dinner today more coming soon.

Christopher Dally

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