Valentines Steak Dinner (14th February 2023)

Valentines Steak Dinner (14th February 2023)

So, another day another dollar as they say or in my case another dinner. It is valentine’s day today (Tuesday 14th February 2023) and the only thing I could think of to have for dinner was a steak. I always wind people up who have a steak as I say a once wise lesbian told me about but as this is a family-friendly place I can’t tell you right now but anyone that knows me personally will know what I am on about.

I am going to keep this short as I can today so I can spend the rest of the evening with my wife and have an early night as I am back at work tomorrow morning.

For tea today I had the following;

  • Beef Steak from Lidl
  • Onion Rings (basic bag from Morrisons)
  • Fried Fresh Mushrooms
  • Marrowfat Peas (tinned)
  • Colman’s Pepper Sauce
  • Iceland’s ridiculously crispy straight-cut chips

So, the chips and the onion rings were cooked in my air fryer the simple fact being I love them being crispy and they go that way in the air fryer quicker. Colman’s pepper sauce was basic just added the milk and warmed it up on the hob. I fried the mushrooms and steak on the hob too to the desired amount (for me well done as I don’t like blood and sometimes it’s too tough to cut). Then of course the tinned peas were warmed up on the hob too.

So that’s it for today hope you all had an amazing valentine’s day with your loved ones stay tuned for another update at in the week.

Christopher Dally

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