Whole cooked dinner in air fryer

Whole cooked dinner in air fryer

So welcome to my new blog where I post my reviews of food. So Sunday (23rd October) I decided to cook a whole chicken dinner without using the oven. So I recently brought myself an Uten 5.5L air fryer from Amazon with a voucher given to me at work. Since buying this air fryer I tell you the times I have saved money compared to cooking and running the oven would have saved me money, especially during these cost-of-living crises currently happening within the UK. These air fryers are a great addition to kitchen appliances and have become popular over the last couple of months. Cooking in an air fryer saves time and energy compared to cooking in the oven as it uses less energy.

So let’s get started on what I cooked for Sunday dinner as a family of two adults and one child. As I work in the retail environment I rarely get a Sunday off work so I decided to cook us a roast chicken dinner.

Roast Chicken in Air Fryer

So I looked up the cooking time of the whole chicken in an air fryer as this is something I have never done before. So as my air fryer is 5.5L I decided to put it on 180C and cook for 45 minutes but turning the chicken over onto the back halfway through just to make sure that the underneath was cooked correctly. Once the full-time was up I just a temperature probe to check that it was cooked and was at the correct temperature.

Once the time was up I did up it on a little bit longer just to be on the safe side that I was cooked correctly. But the result was amazing and for less time compared to cooking in the oven. The chicken was full of flavour and crispy on the outside just the way a cooked chicken should be.

Roast Potatoes

So one of the best things regarding a roast dinner is the roast potatoes, it all depends on how much time I have whether I cook my own or use frozen potatoes. This time I decided to cook my own so I peeled some potatoes and pre-boiled them so they are not as hard. Once done I put the potatoes in the air fryer and put fry light oil on them. I cooked the potatoes for around 30 minutes then gave them a shack and put them back in for another 10 minutes while the other vegetables were boiling on the hob. As with everything in the air fryer these turned out amazingly crispy.

Stuffing Balls

So I also decided to do some sage and onion stuffing balls so got some boiled water and put it in the mixture. I formed around 10 balls of stuffing and cooked them in the air fryer for around 10 minutes.

Boiled Vegetables

As with any roast dinner, the other important part was the vegetable and to be honest this was the only part of this dinner that was cooked using the hob. I decided to go for cabbage, peas and sweetcorn.

Yorkshire Puddings

Everyone knows how quick frozen Yorkshire puddings take in the oven so putting them into the air fryer is a no-brainer and takes even less time but I do notice that do have to turn them over just to safe that they completely cooked


The only part I didn’t cook my own was the gravy as it is more convenient so decided to use Bisto instant gravy granules.


As I work in the retail environment anything that doesn’t sell at the end of the day gets wasted but can also be given away to colleagues. The chicken didn’t cost me anything as it was part of a colleague giveaway which I freeze for another day. This in return saves the cost of buying meat which is still good quality.


I got to say cooking a whole roast chicken in the air fryer does save time and energy but if you are like me then having only one air fryer means you have to double up or cook the items at a different time but well worth it with regards to the taste of the products coming out.

Christopher Dally

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